My name is Mike Gist, I'm 23 years old and I live in London, UK.

Ok, that sounds too much like a high school drama class introduction :D Actually, it also sounds like the HR introduction sessions at a lot of companies, that ritual where people sit around a few tables each taking turn to state their name, position and life history. I personally prefer to introduce myself in a pub with a pint in hand.

Getting back to 'it', which is the about me.. well I'm a programmer. I consider myself an artist in programming :) Anyone can draw a picture, but few people can make something beautiful. I'd like to think that I can make beautiful things happen in software, or perhaps I'm just smoking the good stuff! ;)

My skills are fairly specific: High performance computation. Asm, C, C++ are my primary weapons. The closer to the machine the better. There are few things more exciting to me than squeezing out an extra 10% performance by optimising memory access patterns. I also act like a grumpy old man when people excitedly talk about design patterns, new fangled web 2.0 languages and GUI libraries. Those people all need to get off my lawn *shakes a stick* >:|

I'm a graduate of Imperial College London and currently work for Morgan Stanley in their listed sales and trading technology group. My job is to design, develop and maintain the core systems which process trade orders and report data on the state of the market back to the traders. Performance in these systems is critical, so I spend a lot of time figuring out new ways to improve throughput and reduce latency, which is rather fun! No, you're not allowed to blame me for collapsing economies or other financial crisis :P

I spend most of my spare programming time working on the Crystal Space 3D SDK. There I try my best to make things look pretty, run really really fast and in general throw myself into new challenges to stretch my ability as much as possible.

As you may have figured out by now, I'm a fairly relaxed person. I don't do stress as a rule :) I deliberately spend a lot of time doing nothing and savouring every moment of that wonderful nothingness. Many people spend their lives rushing around doing stuff, never pausing to actually enjoy living. I am proud to not be one of them.

I do have hobbies other than programming! I'm a big fan of EVE Online, mostly because of the dynamic gameplay it provides. Yeah I get my rear kicked a little too often, but it's worth it for those lovely shiny lumps of ore...

So you might be wondering if I have any hobbies which don't involve computers (is that possible? :O). Well, yes I do! I'm a supporter of Chelsea FC, a big reader of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre and (sadly) a bit of a politics buff (maybe I just enjoy hating politicians).

That's all I'm sharing on this page. Please feel free to read my blog (main page).